Continual Improvement for DWQMS


After participating in this course the participant will be able to:

  • Plan effectively for continual improvement.
  • Achieve a continual improvement plan in a reasonable amount of time
  • Keep up to date with DWQMS standard element changes.




With impending changes to DWQMS standards, this half-day workshop will allow for the participant to learn to plan for continual improvement, formulate plans with minimal effort and in a reasonable amount of time and maintain a plan for continual improvement.  Participants will see a demonstration on how to make the DWQMS Continual Improvement requirements work for their organization.

In-Class: 4 hours (eligible for 0.4 CEUs)

Web Based: 3 hours




To aid the participants in implementing a continual improvement plan for their organization’s Drinking Water Quality Management System.  The Continual Improvement for DWQMS course will allow participants to anticipate change and implement changes and new element practices seamlessly.


Who should attend?


  • Drinking Water System Managers
  • Drinking Water System Supervisors
  • Drinking Water System Operators
  • Consultants
  • Certified Auditors
  • Individuals who will be working with, implementing or maintaining, a Drinking Water Document Control System.


Prerequisite: Participants should have completed Introduction for DWQMS prior to registering for this course.


Special Features:

  • This course can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific demands and is available in two formats: as a web-based, live instructor course, or in person at your organization’s convenience.
  • This course qualifies for  0.3 OWWCO CEUs when taken online and 0.4 OWWCO CEUs when taken as an instructor led in-class seminar.