Drinking Water Quality Management

Is Your Drinking Water Facility Up to Standard?

Ontario’s Drinking Water Act specifies the standard for Drinking Water Quality management systems that must be in place in all municipalities that maintain their own drinking water systems. All operators must be trained and certified to provincial standards, and all testing must be done by accredited laboratories.

If you are a municipality that has implemented, or in the process of implementing, a management system for your drinking water treatment and distribution facilities, Strategies For The Environment can provide invaluable assistance. We are experts in the legislation and standards required, and have helped numerous municipalities implement and maintain compliance management systems.

We offer training courses specifically for managers and frontline employees, ensuring full understanding of the Act and its requirements. Our consulting services can guide your municipality to a successful implementation, and our audits can ensure you stay compliant. Instead of struggling to add expertise onto your staff in a cost-effective manner, let Strategies for the Environment put our expertise to work for you! From the planning phase through to addressing documented deficiencies, we can help you achieve compliance under the Act.

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