Environmental Management Systems

Realize the Benefits of ISO 14001 with Strategies For The Environment

From initial readiness evaluation, to final compliance auditing, Strategies For The Environment helps organizations achieve the maximum benefit from the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. We specialize in assisting small to medium sized businesses to obtain certification, and to audit performance post-implementation.

With environmental awareness rising across the globe, managers and business owners need to be proactive in establishing an environmental management system. Over 250,000 organizations across 159 countries have already implemented ISO 14001 to improve their environmental performance, and have realized substantial returns on their efforts.

Not only does ISO 14001 certification improve your corporate image, it also can reduce costs across your organization. Lower waste management costs, decreased consumption of energy and materials, and reduced distribution costs are just three ways that an environmental management system can benefit your bottom line.

Strategies For The Environment can help your organization at each step of the journey towards full implantation of the ISO standards, and continued compliance. Our cost-effective solutions are highly specific to each client, ensuring you get the best possible value from our work. Some of our services include:

Basic Readiness: For companies just thinking about implementing a management system. Our consulting engagement can cover Emergency Response Planning, Spill Kit Inspection, and a Gap Analysis to identify the areas requiring the most amount of attention to bring into compliance.

Awareness: Past clients have found our Training services instrumental in attaining the high level of organizational commitment required for success. Courses are specifically designed to get you and your entire team prepared for implementing the ISO 14001 standards.

Understanding the ISO Framework: Custom curricula is created for each client to help train management and staff on the details of the ISO 14001 framework and compliance requirements.

Implementation: Our unique approach lets you take advantage of our Consulting expertise when and where you need it most. Whether you need consulting from beginning to end, or in selected stages, we help you implement a environmental management system effectively.

Integration: Already have a Quality or Health & Safety management system in place? We can help you integrate the ISO 14001 component into your existing systems.

Auditing: Whether you are looking for an 3rd-party evaluation, or have internal staff to conduct the audit, Strategies For The Environment can help ensure you remain compliant. We can teach your internal team the intricacies of the ISO 14001 audit, or one of our seasoned professionals can conduct it for you.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems (EMS). The standard provides a framework for organizations to manage their environmental issues.

Not only are consumers, investors, and partners looking for ISO 14001 certification, but certification is quickly becoming a requirement across certain manufacturing and resource industries. Beyond the positive impacts on your brand, implementation of the EMS can be highly cost effective, dramatically reducing your organizations environmental footprint.

In addition, compliance with the ISO 14001 certification is quickly becoming the standard for due diligence in any legal action related to an organization’s environmental impact. Beyond the benefits of risk management, demonstrating that an EMS is in place can be a critical first step in assessing liability. The costs of implementing the ISO standard are often far outweighed by the liability exposure resulting from incomplete, or ad hoc procedures.

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