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Strategies for the Environment is a small canadain company that supports its clients management systems.  We conduct everything from training, audits, compliance audting, legal review, management support and so much more.  

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A few things we’re great at

When it comes to regulatory and standards compliance, experience matters. Ivana Strgacic, Strategies For The Environment founder and principal consultant, brings more than 20 years of experience in auditing, consulting, and training.


Management Systems are a tool for your organization to be more efficient and effective, not just something to satisfy your auditors.  Let our experienced consultants help align and build a management system that helps you achieve your strategic goals.  With over twenty years in the business we are here to help you.


Your people are your greatest asset.  Training is a key part to improving your business.  We can help with a variety of training options.  Our training courses can always be customized to your company’s needs.  


Auditing is an effective tool in driving continual improvement.  Understanding the current state of your management system or compliance with Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety legislation provides an organization with a clear path to improvement.  Our well seasoned auditors can help you achieve success.

Latest News

Welcome back to our blog! I haven’t written an entry in a while because I was running out ideas, but recently I have been noticing some trends while auditing my clients for compliance to their legal requirements, both environmental and health and safety. Instead of trying to come to a common root cause, which would drive me crazy, I thought that instead I would share with you some of the issues that my team and I have been seeing. So check back in every 2 weeks for foreseeable future for new topics. Also, a lot of my old blogs are going to be available again in the archive. If you are involved in management systems, some of the topics are still very relevant.

Fire Code and Fire protection systems

Most jurisdictions have some sort of fire code which requires fire protection systems to be in place.  The majority of these fire codes are thick and cumbersome.  You are also[…]

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Managing Contractors in the New ISO 14001:2015 Standard

All workers under the control of the organization There are many gruesome stories related to a lack of control of contractors, where they get killed or cause a big spill.[…] Read more

DWQMS 2017

A few steps to an improved management system I have been consulting and auditing for a number of years. My primary focus has been the ISO family of management system[…]

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