Auditing Services

Experienced Management System Auditing

Congratulations! You’ve implemented a management system for your organization. Now comes the hard part – keeping compliant.

Let Strategies For The Environment help you stay on top of common trouble areas, and enable your organization to benefit from the new system you’ve implemented. Our audits are conducted by seasoned experts with strong industry experience, which helps us uncover problem areas before they become unmanageable. We are specialists in ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, ISO 45001 Health and Safety DWQMS Drinking Water and R2 Electronic Recycling management systems.

Whether you want to audit legislative compliance, or measure the performance of a specific internal process, Strategies For The Environment has the knowledge and background to deliver the most value from your audit. We believe an audit is an opportunity for an organization and its people to improve, grow and become better at what they do. This philosophy extends into all our engagements, which has made us a recognized leader in the field.

We perform various types of audits:

  • Gap Analysis: this audit will determine the readiness of your system to be certified with the standards body
  • Compliance Audits: we’ll evaluate compliance and assess the effectiveness of the management system
  • Internal Audits: ensure you remain compliant with regular, comprehensive audits
  • Documentation Review: a cost effective approach to improving your management system as it doesn’t require any on-site visits
  • Integrated Auditsauditing all standards at one time.  Find out why!


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