Electronics have become a big part of all of our lives.  We work on them, we talk to family and friends on them, we even play on them.  Electronics are a great way to gather information.  The problem is we are constantly upgrading our electronics, this means a lot of waste.  What happens to that waste?

The R2v3 certification is a voluntary sustainability standard that verifies responsible electronics processors.  Implementation of this standard can be a lot of work, but Strategies for the Environment can help.

Did you know that the R2 Standard also requires you to be certified to an approved Environmental and Health and Safety management system.  If you are a facility that engages in test and repair and/or brokering activities, you must also be certified to an approved Quality Management System.

If you are a small business this can be a lot of work and overwhelming, but we have a solution for you.  Strategies for the Environment has put together a plan to support you in achieving certification to all these standards.  If you are a large company, we can help with all the steps to implementation or just individual steps. 

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