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Corrective Action and Root Cause Analysis for DWQMS (half day)- 0.4 CEUs–

OWWCO #4445

Is your organization actively resolving problems or are they constantly reoccurring? Do you know the
difference between correction and corrective action? The DWQMS standard requires corrective action to
be taken to resolve internal audit findings and to drive continual improvement. This half -day workshop
has been developed to help your organization develop effective methodologies and understanding of the
root cause analysis process resulting in strong corrective actions.

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Document Control for DWQMS (half day)- 0.4 CEUs- OWWCO #5108

The DWQMS standard requires a number of documents to be developed and maintained. Is your
organization effectively managing and maintaining these documents in a sustainable manner. The
DWQMS standard requires the Operational Plan define how documents should be controlled. This half –
day workshop is for participants to understand the difference between a document and record, develop
an acceptable document control procedure and implement and acceptable document control procedure.

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Continual Improvement for DWQMS (half day)- 0.4 CEUs- OWWCO #5690

Can continual improvement be defined? Can continual improvement by done in a reasonable amount
of time with a reasonable amount of effort? Can continual improvement be effective and efficient? The
answer is YES! This half-day workshop will show you just how you can meet the requirements work for
you and your organization.

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 Introduction to DWQMS

This course is a basic introduction to the DWQMS standard. The course will cover all of the elements and explain the requirements. This course is designed as an introduction to anyone who will be involved, at any level in the organization, from Managers and Directors to Operators to Council members.

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DWQMS Essentials (one day)

This one day course covers all 21 elements of the DWQMS standard. It will help all those in your
organization understand their roles and responsibilities with respect to delivery quality and safe drinking
water. An excellent introductory course DWQMS Reps.
*Please make cheques payable to: Strategies for the Environment Inc.
Please make payments prior to the beginning of class.
Please be advised, for a complete refund, cancelation requests must be received at least 14 days prior to beginning of the course and a $50 administration fee will be applied.  Course registration is transferable with-in the same organization, with 24-hour notice.