Waste Audits

A waste audit is an evaluation of quantities of waste generated and the effectiveness of the source separation activities related to wastes.

A facility is guided through the set up and collection of waste for a 24-hour period. This waste sample will be evaluated, weighed, and documented. This information will be used as observation on the effectiveness of the source separation practices within the facility.
Facilities will need to provide space, tables and manpower to facilitate the evaluation of the waste sample. Strategies for the Environment will provide calibrated scales if not available onsite. Strategies for the Environment will prepare an audit report and the necessary waste reduction workplan.

Ontario Legislated Requirement

O.Reg. 102/94 – Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work Plans
Buildings that have at least 10,000 sq meters of floor area for use as offices must annually conduct a waste audit covering the waste generated at the building. The audit shall also address the extent to which materials or products used by the owner consist of recycled or reused materials or products. As part of the audit report a waste reduction workplan shall be prepared with input from the building management.