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iStock_000015529331MediumHello All,

This blog is intended as a medium in which to share all of my experiences as an auditor.  I am not a financial auditor, crunching numbers in a back room of some company.  I am an EHS auditor.  Environment, Health and Safety (and sometimes Quality).  I am out and about, scouring every little nook and cranny of a company in order to help them improve.

Yes, I actually said it, I am there to HELP a company IMPROVE.  I truly believe that the auditing process is meant to help an organization improve.  In order to do that, internal auditors need to get better at what they do.  So here I am to help them, and even give some of those external auditors a tip or two.  Hey, I’m always looking for new tips and insights and to learn something new, to improve myself and my own skills.  So hopefully, I will give you, the reader, and potentially an auditor, some tips, usefully tools, some insights into the auditing process.  Who knows, I may get creative or feel generous some days.  Maybe I can spark some discussion.

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