Compliance Solutions

There are many different compliance requirements that companies have to maneuver through.  Lack of compliance can lead to fines and convictions.  It can be difficult to understand all of the requirements of the legislation.  Ignorance of the law is NEVER a defence.  We can help you KNOW your requirements and ensure that you are set up to meet them.

Due Diligence is a legal defence used to demonstrate that you took all the reasonable efforts in order to prevent the incident from happening.  You cannot create a due diligence defence after the fact, you have to do the right thing.

Legal Compliance


National Pollutant Release Inventory

The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) is a federally regulated reporting mechanism in Canada.  All industries are subject to this reporting requirement, however, not all companies will meet the minimum reporting thresholds.  Strategies for the Environment can help you determine whether or not you are required to report and prepare your report.


Don’t delay!  The next reporting deadline is June 1, 2017.

Toxic Reduction Plan

Toxic Reduction Plans are required in Ontario for all those that have to report to the NPRI.  The updates to the annual reports are due June 1st, along with your NPRI submissions.


Ivana Strgacic is certified planner by the MOECC and can prepare as well as certify your plan.


We even post some of our client’s plans for them, in order to meet the reporting requirements of the Ministry.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Strategies for the Environment can help you prepare your Greenhouse Gas inventories, whether it is for mandatory government reporting or voluntary reporting.


Mandatory reporting schemes are required in: Ontario, British Columbia, AlbertaNova Scotia and Quebec.


Voluntary reporting schemes: UNFCC Clean Development Mechanism, American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, The Climate Registry and many more.

Environmental Approvals and Reporting

When you change your operations, install new equipment or emit new chemicals, a permit application is usually required.  We can help you get through that paperwork and ensure that you are in compliance with the legislation.


More and more environmental compliance approvals, certificates of approval and associated permits require some kind of specified annual reporting.  We can help you prepare your reports and meet your needs.

Environmental Compliance Audit

Compliance audit


Designated Substance Risk Assessment

Designated substances

OH&S Compliance Audit