Zero Waste

Andy_Trash_CanI recently went to a zero waste conference in Orillia, Ontario.  There were many great insights and information that was shared.


The key note speaker was Dr. Paul Connett, author of The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time (2013), presented 10 steps to zero waste.

1. Source Separation

2. Make it convenient for door to door collection

3. Composting

4. Recycling

5. Reuse and Repair

6. Economic Incentives

7. Other initiatives

8. Residual Screening facility

9. Better Industrial Design

10. Interim Biological landfill


Many communities are still a long way from achieving zero waste.  But there are some that have come a long way, such as San Francisco and Nova Scotia and Italy.  Check out their stories.


But where focus needs to be focused is in better industrial design.  There are leaders, such as Interface.


What are you doing to help achieve the zero waste goal?

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